Xbox One Accessories Thumbstick Grips by HC GamerLife

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  • IMPROVE CONTROL- 4 Different Grip Styles, Tall "Sniper" grips made for precise Control. TAKES PRACTICE! Smaller grip heights "Close Combat" provide superior grip without the same learning curve. Choose "Gripmax" for concave grip style maximizing skin to grip contact. Choose "No Sweat" style for convex grip style made to allow your thumbs to breath preventing loss of grip due to sweaty thumbs!
  • PERFECT FIT - Because one size does not fit all platforms these grips were made specifically for the Microsoft Xbox One controller.
  • EASY TO PUT ON - Each package includes 2 grips. Simply slip on over your existing thumbstick grips, worn or brand new and get a snug fit that stays put even when your playing gets hardcore! Use a "screw in action, press hard, and check the underside for a good seal.
  • CUSTOM BLEND SILICONE - Provides you with the best feel, grip and durability available. Gamers love the added comfort for those marathon sessions.
  • GET IN THE GAME- Recommended for; Madden 15, GTA V and more. Order now and upgrade all of your controllers! Find out for yourself why Hardcore Gamers LOVE these grips!

The Best New Accessory for Your Controllers!


  •  Would you like more control from your controller?
  •  Has your thumb ever slipped at a critical time?
  •  Have you worn out your controllers thumb grips?
  •  Have you tried other grips that fall off or wear out?

Introducing HC GamerLife Premium Combat Grips

Didn’t know thumb grip covers were a thing? Many gamers don’trealize that stock thumbstick grips are causing them problems. Others do realize but didn't know that there's now a solution! Gamers that try our grips say they'll never go back!

We use a custom silicone that’s PERFECT for thumb grips, it's more expensive than other options but it’s WORTH it! Soft enough to feel great yet super durable. Other grips claim to “fit all platforms”, Ours are specifically made to fit Xbox One

HC GamerLife GRIPS :

  • Each package includes 2 grips
  • Choose the grips that work best for you
  • Increased comfort and grip revolutionizes play
  • Save money, use this product instead of buying new wireless controllers
  • Excellent for snap aiming, and quick reactions (Close Combat), Or (Sniper) more precise aim with less movement using much taller grips (TAKES PRACTICE)
  • Larger contact surface provides better control (Gripmax), Or choose more breathe ability to prevent sweaty thumbs (No Sweat)
  • Special blend of premium silicone provides incredible feel and unmatched durability and strength

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