A Replica Paper Nintendo Switch Is Blowing up on Reddit

By: Dylan Lepore | @dylanslegos

A to-scale paper Nintendo Switch, including the Dock and detachable Joy-Cons, has gained attention on Reddit.

The post shared by Reddit user PandaWalkWithMe stated, "My girlfriend studies product-design, and she created a Nintendo Switch in 1:1 for university, with detachable Joy-Cons, Docking Station and everything, just out of Paper."

The post has gained more than 50,000 upvotes and 600 comments.

A comment by Reddit user mustardcannon said That's amazing!... but does it play Paper Mario?"

The video below, also posted by PandaWalkWithMe, shows just how, like the real Nintendo Switch, the Joy-Cons can detach and reattach to the paper Switch.

Joy-con detached

In the comments below, let us know what your dream Nintendo Switch design would be.

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