FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Thanks for visiting our FAQ page. If your question isn't answered here please send an email to support @hcgamerlife.com and we will help you out!
For warranty issues also use support @hcgamerlife.com and send your order number, your address where a call tag/return ticket can be issued, as well as your phone number and your preferred email so that we can send a replacement if required!
  1. My microphone isn't working, what am I doing wrong? The detachable microphone fitting IS NOT perfectly square. When plugging in your microphone ensure that the microphone base leaves no gap around the edges when you are plugging it in to the headset. If the microphone is only partially engaged or incorrectly mounted it can cause a buzzing noise, microphone cutting in/out, loss of hearing in one side or another. Please examine the base of the microphone to see if it has space around the edges between it and the headset. If it does, then rotate the microphone and remount the mic so that the microphone base curves up with it's lowest curve pointing toward the ground. Also check to ensure that your mute toggle is not engaged on the inline volume control. Finally check that your headset jack is snugly engaged into the receiver on the device. Otherwise it will ABSOLUTELY affect your experience!!
  2. How long is the cord? The cord length is about 3 feet long. If you use the Y adapter (included with the headset) then the total length is closer to 6 feet long.
  3. Why is my volume so low? The volume at which you receive sound is affected by 2 factors first check your inline volume controls and check to see the volume levels there and how well you can adjust to your liking. Second if you are unable to achieve a satisfactory volume using the inline control, you might need to adjust the volume control of your device settings (ps4, xbox one, mobile phone, or pc) and possibly the software you are running on that device. The device and the software both can supersede the controls on the headset hardware inline controls and so are primary factors if you are unable to adjust the volume as high as you like.
  4. Is this headset noise canceling? It is a closed back headset, which means that a lot of outside noise gets blocked, however the headset does not have any additional noise canceling effects.
  5. Are these headphones compatible with my (Nintendo switch, iphone, android, pc, laptop, PS4, Xbox One, etc)? This headset uses a 3.5 mm jack, so as long as your device allows you to us a 3.5 mm jack to allow for sound, it will work flawlessly. If you have an iphone, you will need a converter. If you have an older (2015 or before) Xbox controller, they DON'T come with a 3.5 mm sound jack and require a converter anything after should have a 3.5mm sound jack.
  6. Can I purchase a microphone separately? We do not offer microphones separately for sale, however if you experiencing any microphone malfunctions or defects we can arrange for a replacement microphone.
  7. Are these headphones good for listening to music? Because the drivers (speakers) are 32mm they provide full sound range and because it is a closed back headset, the sound doesn't get as clouded by outside sound making a kick-ass sound experience for the price!
  8. What if my braided cord breaks off from the rest of the headset? Unfortunately the cord itself is not detachable like the microphone is designed to be, so if the cord breaks it will require a replacement. However that replacement WOULD be covered by our 2 year warranty as we fully expect your headset to work perfectly for the full 2 years and probably well beyond.
  9. Does this headset include microphone monitoring? No, they operate simply using the inline microphone mute and volume options alone.