Absolutely Everything About EA Sports’ New FIFA 19

Let’s talk about EA Sports latest game, FIFA 19. What’s new, what to expect in Career Mode, Ultimate Team, the adrenaline filled ‘The Journey’ and everything else you need to know about this thrilling PS4 game.

The first question for all FIFA gamers is always ‘Are there any new stadiums? Have the renovations made in real life been added to the game?’ The answer is yes. FIFA 19 features the brand-new White Hart Lane, although not completed in real life. The White Hart Lane is home to the Tottenham Hotspurs and the developers got access to the final images of how the stadium should look like and added it into the game. This means all Spurs supporters will play in their new home on both demo mode and the full FIFA 19 game.

New Look to the Ultimate Team Cards

The Ultimate team cards got leaked online and fans got a chance to get a sneak preview of what is coming. The leaked card belonged to France’s wonder kid and Paris Saint Germain’s rising star, Kylian Mbappe. The ultimate cards have a couple of tweaks that have given it a different better feel from the FIFA 18 version.

New Leagues

Gazzetta Della Sport made a report of how FIFA 19 will have full rights to Serie A and Coppa Italia. Coppa Italia is analogous to the English Premier League’s Carabao Cup. In Coppa Italia, all Italy teams from the lowest tier, Serie D, come face to face with the top tier teams from Serie C, Serie B and the Elite Serie A. This makes playing the Italian competition more challenging than it has ever been before. Can you handle the challenge?

Major Changes That Will Leave You in Awe

The FIFA 19 has brought gameplay to a whole new level giving even more control to the player than ever before. Here are the most important ones:

  • Sweet Spot - This is every FIFA gamers delight. Hitting the ball at the sweet spot and sending it into the top corner. If you tap Circle, for PS4, or B, for X-Box, as your foot hits the ball your chances of hitting that sweet spot increases.
  • Tactics – In case you find yourself one goal down and you need to change your tactics you can easily prepare for this even before the match. Once you have your master plan ready you simply address it to D-pad press and unlike FIFA 18 you actually get to see if the tactics have been implemented.
  • Changes in the Mini-map – Unlike previous versions of FIFA where all the icons on the mini maps were circles with almost indistinguishable colors, FIFA 19 has tweaked the mini-map having one side have triangle icons while the other circular icons.
  • The League of Champions – From the Champions League logo to the commentary team FIFA 19 has pulled all stops when it came to this epic tournament. It even has its own mode and ability to make custom tournaments!
  • The Europa League – Although overshadowed by the Champions League, the Europa League will surely be featured in FIFA 19 with the full broadcast package.

FIFA 19 just came out and all the expected modifications came through and some more that people did not anticipate. New faces, skills and uniforms have been included in the new game.

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