Abzu - An HC GamerLife Review

ABZU is a third person diving simulator and its main purpose is to immerse you into the beauty of the sea and all of its amazing stuff. Once you get inside the sea, you will be immersed with the amazing vistas that can be found here.

Right from the start ABZU is a peaceful game and the experience that you get here is nothing short of impressive to begin with. You will like the great attention to detail and the unique sense of immersion that you can see in this place.

You can play with the mouse and you will be able to reach most regions just fine without that much of a deal. The game does a very good job at disconnecting you from the world and exploration is just a lot of fun. That’s what makes it so unique in the first place and the fact that you can immerse yourself into the experience is really good to say the least.

Once you start exploring new locations you can find quests and you can also try to find secrets as well. Finding secrets was a bit challenging for me, but I found the game to be very rewarding from that perspective which is what maters the most. You will note that the gameplay is very refined and it always manages to shift based on how you want to play. That alone does offer a very good value to the experience and it makes it all so more rewarding to begin with.

People that like exploring new regions will enjoy ABZU quite a bit and so will those that need a more refined, action packed gameplay. You will note that the more you play the more locations and fish types you can find. This will surely keep things going and it will offer you the variety and unique appeal that you might want.

The minimalist art style shows is stunning and fully immersive. You will find each moment an interesting and fun one, which is what matters the most in the end. It’s all about having the right value and rest assured that once you start exploring you will always find new and fun places.

The predation system is peaceful and fun, you can hitch a ride on any fish and you do have great swimming movements. You can also see that fish interact with each other which makes the game even more fun to be honest.

As you can expect, this is not a long game to begin with. However, it’s around $20 or less and it’s well worth the asking price to be honest. There were 2 glitches for the game but as a whole I feel that it really is a good experience and a fun one at that.

Overall, ABZU comes fully recommended. It’s unique, diverse and just a lot of fun. You should definitely consider playing it as it’s a thing of beauty.


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