Farsite Online: MMO



So, I decided to try one of the newest crazes out there. Farsite Online MMO, which you will know if you follow our social media accounts, but if you have been following any of the latest gaming trends you have to admit that the idea of actually owning your in game items vs simply having access to them has a large amount of appeal. 

However if you are less familiar with why this is a critical shift in opportunities for gamers everywhere, let me tell you what I think. Recently Ubisoft decided to pull support older games & DLC by removing online services. This will make digital DLC & games already paid for by the customers unavailable. Unfortunately the only repercussions we can give them is terrible feedback & avoid future purchases made by companies like this. HOWEVER, games like Farsite Online MMO will allow you to OWN Non Fungible Tokens of everything you own in the game. They are also connected to crypto's so that you can leverage your online assets into actual crypto currencies.

So essentially rather than worrying about when your digital lease gets yanked out from under you from companies like Ubisoft, you can instead possibly make money by selling your own digital assets through the very game you play.


This potential is only scratching the surface. The soon to be launched GameStop NFT marketplace will have similar opportunities for gamers to take the future into their own grasp. So while people paint NFT's as either useless JPG's, artwork, or people say it is another money grab from publishers.... It is actually a gaming revolution, that if we encourage properly, we can own our DLC's, loot boxes etc, & own the rights to them rather than watch them disappear after you bought and paid for them.

I know which future sounds more appealing to me. I hope my fellow gamers agree and choose to back a future which includes ownership of items that we pay for!

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