Hacking the PS4: Can It Be Done?

By: Dylan Lepore | @dylanslegos

In the most basic way, think of the PS4 as a simple machine that has one job: to play games and run other multimedia entertainment.

So, the question is: can the PS4 be hacked?

In short, no - at least not by your average consumer and not even by someone more advanced in the field of computer science.

The PS4 is a closed machine, unlike a PC - as a PC acts as a multi-tool that allows users to pay their taxes, order on Amazon, watch movies, write novels, change programs and code, and yes, even play video games (aka. an open machine).

To hack the PS4 is to make the PS4 into a PC essentially, or at least use a PC in some way with the PS4 that can be complicated, costly, and criminal.

Below, in brief, we'll discuss two types of hacking: paid hacking accounts and the CronusMax and how they could affect your PlayStation experience.

Hacked Account

Gaming accounts can be hacked; however, people rarely pay to have their accounts hacked, and typically when an account is hacked, it's to gather information on a user.

The hacker then uses that information however they see fit, typically with the primary account user unaware.

Also, an account doesn't need to be hacked for a user to take part in hacking or cheating.

In an article from Entertainment and Technology by Ben Heubl, they write, "Whether ethical or unethical, in some countries cheating [or hacking] in games makes you a criminal. In 2016, the South Korean government passed an amendment into law to crack down on video game hacks and modifications. If guilty, perpetrators can face up to five years in prison or be fined $43,000."


Contrary to popular belief, CronusMax is not a hacking device and is not all bad, but it can be used for cheating.


The Good

CronusMax has practical functions for reasons of accessibility and convenience, such as:

  1. Using a 3rd party controller (a DualShock 4 on an Xbox One).
  2. Using a keyboard and mouse without the console detecting it.
  3. Allowing for additional USB support for DualShock 4 controllers.
  4. Remapping buttons to fit a user's playstyle (however, this one could be used for cheating).

The Bad

Using mods and scripts (code) in games such as Call of Duty for anti-recoil, sniper breath, aim assist, rapid-fire, and more.

However, CronusMax cannot change the programming of the actual game; therefore, it cannot hack anything.

It's hard to ban those using CronusMax since it's a USB device, and consoles usually see it as a safe 3rd party controller or device, since it's technically not hacking.

Think of the CronusMax as training wheels that allow you to do things until you no longer need its help, similar to an old turbo controller.


Çınar Takcı

hack on fall guys

Çınar Takcı

hack on fall guys


Obviously whomever wrote this article doesn’t know that the PS4 can be hacked since 2-3 years ago, I am not giving details on how to do it but please do not misinformed people with all this long story/fantasy, to the editors: you are more than welcome to write me, that’s my email above and we can discuss, get informed before publish some false information to the people that is looking for an answer!


I need to hack my ex on playstation his ussr is marcotheripper and he plays fortnite and makes fun of me so I want to join a hacker group

Zayah Robinson


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