NFT's, Farsite online (my current flavor of NFT gaming) & future of gaming?

I'm a bit obsessed with NFT gaming recently. I still have strong preferences though even though I want to support NFT gaming. Since I have played all versions of Masters of Orion & every other space sim that looks like it might be worth my time, I have always had a soft spot for space exploration games. Farsite Online is looks pretty exciting to me as a gamer, but more importantly, it looks like the future of gaming.

Just last week Gamestop launched their new NFT marketplace. If you are like most people you probably didn't know or think it would impact you. However I strongly believe that Gamestop will be doing things with NFT gaming that nobody else is doing. Imagine buying the game sound track as an NFT. Imagine reselling digital copies of games with fully leveled MMO characters. Imagine selling those rare drops that got you already own in a game supported system. Those are the possibilities of the future. However, Farsite Online is the forerunner.

If you are going to sink 1000+ hours into a game (I'm looking at you Grim Dawn, Diablo 2, Warhammer Total War 2 etc) then wouldn't it be great if you could potentially make money from it, or at least recover some of the money spent in game on loot crates?


If you are interested in checking it out here is a link: , let me know in the comments if you need help with your social activities so that you can get your starting equipment. Until then stay safe from the space pirates, or actual game pirates like Ubisoft & EA!

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