Nintendo Switch Gets a Disney Tsum-Tsum Limited Edition Console

By: Dylan Lepore | @dylanslegos

An adorable Disney Tsum-Tsum Festival Nintendo Switch bundle is coming to Japan. The kit includes the new updated Switch, with improved battery life, and a pair of bright pink and purple Joy-Cons.

This new Nintendo Switch bundle is the first of its kind that includes the new and improved Nintendo Switch with extra battery life. This takes the original Nintendo Switch’s battery life from 2.5 to 6.5 hours up by two additional hours, allotting for 4.5 to 9 hours of game time.

Nintendo unveiled the new Nintendo Switch alongside the Nintendo Switch Lite which is an entirely handheld version of the Switch. The Verge stated that it was “designed as a less expensive alternative to the original tablet/console hybrid.” The Nintendo Switch Lite has built-in Joy-Cons and can not be displayed on a TV, as it is all one piece.

It is not clear yet if the Disney Tsum-Tsum Festival Nintendo Switch bundle will also have a bundle with the Nintendo Switch Lite nor if it will release elsewhere.

For those unfamiliar with Disney Tsum-Tsum, they are collectible stuffed toys, like Beanie Babies, in stuffed rectangular shapes, which are designed to be stacked together. The name tsumu means “to stack or Pileup.”

There is currently a Disney themed and Marvel-themed mobile game out now; however, The Verge reported, “A new game called Tsum-Tsum Festival is coming out on October 10th [everywhere, but the bundle] and includes Switch-exclusive mini-games as well as the ability to play a regular mobile-style game of Tsum-Tusm by holding the Switch vertically.”

The Japan-only limited-edition Nintendo Switch design features a pink and white pattern of card suits and Disney Tsum-Tsum characters. The home button even has Mickey Mouse ears.

The Tsum-Tsum Festival bundle will release in Japan on Oct. 10 and will cost 36,080 yen (or USD 333).

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