PlayStation UK Says Fans Are Wrong Calling the "Cross" Button "X"

By: Dylan Lepore | @dylanslegos

PlayStation UK on Twitter has caused some uproar on social media after writing to Twitter user @Arbiterwarpig that the "X" button on the PlayStation controllers is called "cross," due to the fact that every other symbol is called by its shape.


As far as branding goes with PlayStation, PlayStation UK is correct in calling the "X" button "cross," however most PlayStation fans are not having it.

PlayStation games starting back in the '90s called the "cross" button "X" while the other shapes were usually spelled out "Triangle," "Square," or "Circle." Even in Instruction manuals, developers called the "X" button "X" - even looking at old how-to and strategy guides for games. GameFAQs almost always says the button by "X" and the other buttons by their spelled-out names.

The main reason most people refer to the "cross" button as "X" is because that's simply what it looks like, and not a cross or "+" sign, which looks more along the lines of a hospital, Swiss Army knife, 4-way intersection, or an actual religious cross.


In the end, PlayStation gamers will call the controllers buttons whatever they want, and it doesn't appear that PlayStation UK can change that, but only embrace it.

What do you call your PlayStation buttons, let us know in the comments below. For more on PlayStation and sometimes it's unusual stories, keep it here at HC GamerLife.



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