Super Blob Blaster - A Mobile Game Review

By: Dylan Lepore | @dylanslegos

Super Blob Blaster is a simple but impressive first-person shooter (FPS) that centers around achieving the highest score possible, but its excellent classic DOOM style controls and Borderlands-like cell-shaded art style make it one of the best games on IOS.

Created by Dominic Szablewski, owner of PhobosLab, Super Blob Blaster is fun, easy, and addictive as you blast your way through a Moon Base filled with cute blob's that are out to kill you.

The Moon Base is made up of four zones: purple, blue, orange, and green. While the architecture of the base is the same throughout, the colors are what define each space.

Super Blob Blaster

When you begin, you are packing a grenade launcher with three things:

  • bouncing grenades
  • proximity detonation of those grenades
  • and a meager supply of ammo

You'll need to run around finding health and ammo to survive the adorable but vicious blobs oozing out of the walls. That might sound simple; however, the placement of health and ammo is almost roguelike, as sometimes you might find plenty of health and ammo, find only ammo or health, or in a pinch, the game will leave you twisting in the wind.

This constant and unpredictable battle is what draws me to Super Blob Blaster as a high-quality gaming experience on the go. Not to mention, I jumped a few times as you can quickly get swarmed by these blobs of death - as your health goes down within seconds.

Super Blob Blaster

The sound design isn't anything special, only adding a few cues to the player, the grenade launcher, picking up items, and when the blobs attack you. However, it's the constant Cyberpunk-Esque synth music looping in the background that engages you into Super Blob Blaster's small world, similar to how the music in DOOM acts the same way.

Super Blob Blaster is also available on a web browser and can be used with Oculus Rift DK2 Stereo Rendering, which also requires the Chrome WebVR Build. Both versions are great; however, the web port is missing the music found on IOS.

I would say it's the cute blobs that won me over but simply put, Super Blob Blaster is a surprisingly great, easy, and accessible shooter on the go with smooth controls and an art style that's quite fitting for this game. Super Blob Blaster is the pinnacle of what other developers should strive for in their mobile games.

9/10 - Amazing

Super Blob Blaster

Release date: May 8, 2015

Platform(s): Apple mobile devices and web browser

Published and Developed: Dominic Szablewski of PhobosLab

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