Gaming Headset - Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mobile Compatible

Gaming Headset - Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mobile Compatible

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It is so tempting to purchase a cheap headset today! They are everywhere after all. However its still just as true as it has always been, that if you are going to purchase any headset for xbox one, ps4 headphones or just gamer headphones in general you expect them to work and to work well. If you aren't spending enough on your gaming headset, you are simply going to have to spend that money later after wasting time and money to find out that the cheap headsets simply can't have high quality components which manifests itself in three specific areas:

  • Cheap Construction - Cheap headsets fall apart quickly and aren't designed to last. Compare with our 2 year no questions asked warranty!
  • Crappy Sound - A cheap gaming headset will not give you high quality sound spectrum which makes it hard to track actual game movements of your enemy and team. Compare with our full sound spectrum!
  • Lack of Comfort - It might feel good at first, but lack of breath-ability in the cheaper materials, as well as little thought given to long term comfort resulting in a sweaty ear mess that likely is squeezing your head like a vise. Compare with our memory foam ears with a firm yet comfortable fit on your head.

If you are looking for console ease of use this is the headset you need. PS4 Accessories can really make a difference in your gaming when you spend wisely.

It works for any of the following setups:
  • Xbox headset with mic
  • Gaming headset xbox one
  • Xbox gaming headset
  • Ps4 gold headset
  • Xbox one headset with mic
  • Xbox one mic
  • Xbox 1 headset with mic
  • Ps4 gaming headset
  • Turtle beach xbox one
  • Ps4 headset turtle beach
  • Gaming headset pc
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - Basically as a fellow gamers we found that the headsets available are super disappointing. They break quickly. The sound quality was suspect, and the only really good headsets I could find were above $200. So we wanted to change that, and now you can get a PRO quality headset for under $200.
  • WE MEAN IT - You don't like it for any reason? We have a 2 year no questions asked warranty. Who else can say that? I don't recommend finding out if another pair of headphones with microphone will have that covered.
  • IT DOESN'T SUCK - You can actually wear this headset for a long period of time and it doesn't bother you like almost any other pair. Even though it is a headset with microphone you can detach the microphone if you aren't using it. Use it without feeling like someone attached a vice to your head!
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - Playstation headset? Xbox 1 headset with mic? Laptop headset, or Mobile headset? Just use the 3.5mm jack or if you prefer on your computer, use the splitter to attach the microphone and speakers separately. The cord with 3.5 mm jack without the splitter is 3 feet. If you add the splitter it increases the length to 6 feet.
  • DON'T DO IT THE HARD WAY - We know you will love it if you try it. We offer a no questions asked 2 year warranty. You can always try another headset, but after this one you won't want to, so why not save some time and money in the long run and spend a bit more up front to save yourself some hearache? You won't regret it!!!